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Pumps & Compressors

File Number Make Model Year Equipped Carrier Click on Image to Enlarge
1316-3 Air Booster/  compressor Joy WB-12   HIGH PRESSURE
(2) stage booster--6" x 4" cylinders--1200 to 2600 psi--up to 2700 cfm--max 500 psi input--12V71 Detroit engine--
COMPRESSOR: 1350/150 p/b 12V71 Detroit
Factory tandem axle trailer and assembly.
1370-1 Air Booster Joy/Keystone WB-12   Joy/Keystone model WB-12 single or (2) stage 6" x 4"--Cat C-16 (630 HP) engine--
PERFORMANCE: (2 stage) 325 psi input = 2310 scfm @ 2000 psi max output. Booster #1. 15,800 hours.
Oilfield Skid Call 307-587-5192
652-16 Air Compressor Sullair 900/350 900/350 Sullair screw compressor--12V71 Detroit engine-very low hour shows 117 on the hour meter.Was used as a backup compressor Oilfield Skid
1323-1 Air Compressor Sullair 900/350 1990 900/350 twin screw compressor p/b 12V71T Detroit diesel--Receiver tank--Only 1742 total hours. Skid Mounted
732-5 Boiler & Heaters   1980 Steam Pac. Generator--Mod. SPHV-60-N2-94218--sn:80-13285-H-79130--230 VOLTS--60 CYCLE 3 PHASE--CONTROLS VOLTS 120--
BOILER:Steam working pressure 150--Heat Surface-300--Welded construction--Boiler No. 19890--Cap. In BTU 2009000---2070 lbs steam @ 2212 degrees Fahrenheit.
(8) NEW Fr1-20 Roughneck heaters and cages.
(2) NEW boiler feed pumps
(1) NEW chemical pump
Skidded steel boiler house
DIMENSIONS: Boiler house 10' W x 18' L x 8' H.
Volume tank is 10'W x 4' L x 8' H with open top.
Skid is a (3) runner 24' L with load hitches on each end.
 661-2 Frac System Frac System
(2) Bean 35  triplex pumps-skidded fuel tank--Pumps set up to deliver 69 gpm @ 3450 psi--No engine
Skid mounted
600-10 Core Pump Bean   Bean Triplex pump--80 gpm @ 2000 psi Bare Pump
1332-1 Mist Pump Myers Triplex NEW NEW Myers triplex injection pump. Model D65-20AVD:
Description: New 2 x 3.75 complete triplex pump, 3.95:1 gears, cast iron fluid end with 2" steel plungers, 3" suction, 1.25" discharge, capable of 64gpm @ 1600psi with 2" plungers
RPM: 1800
Horsepower: 95
Max PSI*: 2000
Size: 3.75
1257-2 Mist Pump Gaso 4 1/2 x 5   4 1/2 x 5 Gaso duplex piston pump powered by 65 HP electric motor for use as a small mud pump or mist pump Skid
1265-6 Mud Pump Emsco D-175
6 3/4 x 12
  Emsco D-175 duplex--High pressure fluid end with screw caps--8V92 Detroit engine--Rockford Clutch--Pressure gauge--Shear relif valve--fuel tank--tool box--Suction hose-Suction hose boom.  
1346-13 Mud Pump Emsco
Emsco D-300 7 x 14 duplex mud pump p/b twin 671 Detrot diesel engines--High pressure fluid end with screw caps--Mud guage--Steel building
1346-14 Mud Pump Emsco D-300   $15,000
Emsco D-300 7 x 14 duplex mud pump p/b one 671 Detrot diesel engine-Centrifugal pump p/b electric motor--Misc. hoses & parts--Steel building
1330-11 Mud Pump Emsco D-300   $20,500
Emsco D300 Duplex Pump, 7 1/2 x 14" c/w Detroit Series 60 Diesel Engine, Cotta CR15E Gear Box, Belt Driven, Auxiliary Lubricator Pump, Liners, Hydril Pulsation Dampener, Skid Mounted with Ruffneck Heaters, Piping, Lights, Controls, Tool Box, Parts Cabinet.
Mud Pump and Mud system
    MUD PUMP/TANK HOUSE: Gardner Denver PAH275 8" x 140spm triplex mud pump p/b 400 big cam Cummins--Mixing hopper and (2) 4 x 5 electric powered charge & mixing centrifugal pumps--95bbl mud tank with plumbing, (1) DFTS linear shale shaker--No desander cones--Choke manifold on end of mud tank--All on 1 skid but could be modified to be a 2 piece unit. $75,000 Skid Mounted and Steel house
1330-10 Mud Pump GD-FD-FXD
5 1/2 x 10
Used Gardner Denver 5 1/2 x 10 FD-FXD Duplex Pump, 2 Piece Split Fluid End, 8 Stud Valve Covers, 12 Stud Cylinder Head Covers, Skid Mounted with 7 Valve Well Service Manifold & Piping, Fuel Tank, Parts Cabinet, Hard Line Rack, Pump Sheave, Belt Guard. No power.
Skid Mounted
1290-1 Mud Pump GD-FD-FXX-F
5 x 8
  GD model FD-FXX-F 5 x 8 duplex mud pump--New pistons, liners and valves--Bare pump--Splined pinion shaft for direct drive--Gears 80% of new. Bare Pump
1388-3 Mud Pump GD FXZ   $22,500 OBO
GD model FXZ 7 1/4 x 12" with near new 6" liners and pistons. Bull wheel with guard. No power
Factory skid
1330-8 Mud Pump
GD PAH   Used Gardner Denver PAH Triplex Pump, 4.5" Plungers x 8" Stroke, Steel Block Fluid End, c/w Chain Case, Skid Mounted with Detroit 8V71 Turbo Diesel Engine with Compressor, Allison HT750 Auto Transmission, Fuel Tank, Hydraulic Oil Tank, Control Panel, Charge Pump, 7 Valve Well Service Manifold & Piping, Relief Valve, Pressure Gauge, Lights, Roof, Parts Cabinet, Engine Pro Heat, Roughneck Heater, Complete.
Stk# 01296
Oilfiend skid with steel roof
1330-9  Mud Pump Triplex GD PAH   Used Gardner Denver PAH Triplex Pump, 4" Metal Plungers x 8" Stroke, Steel Block Fluid End, c/w 8V71 Detroit Diesel Engine, Allison 750 Auto Transmission, Charge Pump, 7 Valve Well Servicing Manifold, Piping, Pop off Valve, Pressure Gauge, Mud Gauge, Lubricator Pump, Ruff Neck Heater, Parts Cabinet, Lights.
Steel House
1330-2 Mud Pump Triplex GD-TEE
Steel Fluid End
  Gardner-Denver Model TEE 4 x 5 triplex pump package w/steel block fluid end which is good to 5000 psi maximum--chain case--p/b 6V71 Detroit diesel engine, manual transmission, Mission charge pump, piping and manifold, mud gauge, relief valve,fuel tank, storage racks--Complete package enclosed in steel building.
Pump output: 163 gpm/1475 psi @ 200 rpm OR 245 gpm/975 psi @ 300 rpm. These are for intermittent well service applications.
TEE intermittent rod loading capacity is 44,000 lbs and the fluid end is pressure tested to 5000 psi.
Skid Mounted enclosed building
1330-3 Mud Pump Triplex GD-TEE Bronze Fluid End   Used Gardner Denver Triplex Pump, 4" Metal Plungers, x 5" Stroke, Bronze Fluid End, Chain Case, Detroit 6V71 Diesel Engine, Spicer Manual Transmission, PTO Driven Charge Pump, OTECO Relief Valve, Surge Chamber, Pressure Gauge, Roughneck Heater, 5 Valve Well Service Manifold and Piping, Lights, Fuel Tank, Parts Cabinet. Skid Mounted enclosed steel building
1371-3 Mud Pump National C-150 7 1/4 x 12   National 7 1/4" x 12" C-150 duplex mud pump--P/B diesel engine--Shear relief valve--Pressure gauge--Suction boom Oilfiled Skid 
1257-1 Mud Pump National/Ideal 51/2 x 10
  5 1/2 x 10 National/Ideal duplex mud pump powered by 471 Detroit diesel through 4 speed transmission--Pressure gauge--Shear relief valve.
Gear end 85 to 90% life remaining and fluid end new parts. Engine tuned and in good running condition.
Oilfield Skid
732-41 Mud Pump Oilwell 218-P   Oilwell 218-P 7 x 18" duplex mud pump p/b Cat D-353--In steel building with steel top and open sides--Oilfield skid. Oilfield skid with steel roof
1127-8 Mud Pump Wilson 600
7 1/2 x 14
Wilson 600 7 1/2 x 14" duplex mud pump--Gear end SN:600389A with high pressure forged steel fluid end and screw caps--Fluid end SN: 45273--Fitted w/6" liners and pistons--p/b electronic 60 series Detroit diesel--Model: 6067PK60 (500 HP)-- on oilfiled skid w/ roof, mud guage, shear relief valve-- and air contr--Weight approx. 70,000 lbs--11' 8" W x 27' 2" L x 10' 2" H..
Oilfiled Skid with steel roof
1388-13 Mud Pump Worthington
5 x 10 duplex
  5 X 10 duplex p/b Detroit diesel engine $8000 Skid mounted  
1388-1 Mud System Mud Miser 250-A    MOUNTED ON 30' TANDEM AXLE TRAILER.$35,000
1500 gal tank--4 x 5 shaker--(5) desanding cones--Mud mixer--(2) e x 4 centrfugal pumps--Cummins engine--Hydraulic pick up pump (operated from rig hyd system)--Hard lines & hoses.
MUD PUMP:5 x 10 Worthington duplex-Detroit diesel engine. $8,000.
TRAILER: Tandem axle 30' tongue pull w/ (6) mechanical leveling jacks:
1371-2 Mud System Mud Mizer 150   Inrock Mud Mizer 150--1100 gal tank--150 gpm--Tri screen skewed elliptical motion shale shaker--Mud mixer w/hopper or wand--Diesel engine w/26 gal fuel tank--(3) centrifugal pumps: 1 Pre-charge, 2 processing--(3) desanding cones (3) desilting cones--Vacuum suction system moves mud from pit to shaker--7' 4" W x 14' 2" L x 9' 2' H.
Dry weight: 8200 lbs
Wet weight: 17,200 lbs
Skid Mounted
Tandem axle dual wheel machinery trailer (call for price and further details)
1336-5 Mud System Pit Basin 200 gal   Pit Pump Basin/Lift Station: Approx. 200 gallon capacity lift pump basin station, two 10 HP vertical lift pumps, skidded. Used to put at flow line and pump fluid to mud system via 4" hoses. Skid mounted  
1330-4 Mud Tank
125 BBL   125 BBL (5400 gal) Mud tank, 2 compartment, comes with 20 joints of hardline pipe, hardline racks, ladder, missing degasser, missing some piping on the top, retractable railings
Tank size: 16 long, 9 wide, 5 high

Overall skid size: 196 long, 107 wide, 86 high
Skid Mounted
1330-5 Mud Tank #2 125 BBL   125 BBL mud tank, 2 compartment, no hardline, no hardline racks, comes with degasser, ladder, hopper, lights, retractable railings
Tank size: 16 long, 9 wide, 5 high

Overall skid size: 19 long, 10 wide, 86 high
Skid Mounted
1330-6 Mud Tank #5 125 BBL   mud tank, 2 compartment, comes with 10 joints of hardline, hardline racks, degasser, ladder, built in stairs, solid mounted railings
Tank size: 16 long, 9 wide, 5 high
Overall skid size: 20 long, 102 wide, 9 high
Skid Mounted
1330-7 Mud Tank #7 125 BBL   125 BBL mud tank, 2 compartment, no hardline, comes with hardline racks, degasser, ladder, retractable railings
Tank size: 16 long, 9 wide, 5 high
Overall skid size: 19 long, 10 wide, 89 high
Skid Mounted