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Parts & Misc.

File Number Make Model Year Equipped Carrier Click on Image to Enlarge
1388-5 Air Tugger     Near new surplus air tugger. $2500  
732-43 Casing Elevators Skytex   Skytex casing elevators: $750.00 ea.
(2) 7"
(2) 8 5/8"
(2) 9 5/8"
Used once on shallow water well.
732-44 Casing Tools Tekmark Slips & Spiders   BUY THE LOT $2500.00
(1) casing spider w/6 5/8" OD slips
(1) set 7" slips for above spider
(1) Adjustable 5" to 8 5/8" internal hoist plug.
(1) 8 5/8" line up/welding clamp
(2) 5 1/2" casing clamps
Does not include (2) Petol chain wrenches.
1358-1 Doghouse/Tool
DOGHOUSE/TOOL TRAILER: 1997 48ft enclosed trailer doghouse/tool house combination. Change room with lockers, knowledge box and remote BOP controls. Tool house has been left as if it came out of the field with spare parts etc. still there. ADD: $25,000.  
1127-10 Doghouse 30' Van   30' Hylander van trailer/doghouse Rear lift gate--Extra side door--16.5" tires.  
1326-3 Drawworks Cardwell   Cardwell model S-211 single drum drawworks  
1358-1 Generator/
GENERATOR/ACCUMULATOR HOUSE: 175Kw John Deere generator, 80 gallon accumulator station, Water storage tank. $40,000
1358-1 Catwalk/Pipe
Loader Trailer
1127-9 Generator 60KW   60KW diesel powered generator Available at extra cost:
Tandem axle single wheel tongue pull trailer with spoked wheels and diamond fenders: Add $2000
1179-4 Hole Opener 14" TCI NEW NEW 14" pilot type hole opener w/button inserts--(1) spiral reamer assembly with 2 7/8IF box top and 4 1/2" regular box bottom tool joints--(2) 14" bit assemblies have never been in the hole.  
1351-2 Kelly & Bushing     4 1/4" x 37' square kelly with Varco roller type drive bushing  
1388-7 Mast Driltech D-40K 1976 Driltech D-40K blast hole mast w/hoist cylinders, chains and sprockets-No tophead included.
Unit is straight and serviceable
1326-4 Mast Hopper   86' x 187,000 (6 lines) telescoping mast SN:231   Call 307-587-5192 for pictures.
1095-4 Power Swivel Bowen S-45   30 ton static hook load capacity--24 ton capacity @ 100 rpm--1485 ft. lbs maximum torque--Weight 638 lbs--Closed loop gear drive hydraulic power unit--1240 hrs. 2007 Delta 26' tandem axle gooseneck trailer w/electric winches
1228-2 Power Swivel Bowen 2.5   Bowen 2.5 power swivel total hours on swivel unknown--John Deere diesel engine w/858 total hours on engine--Skid mounted--Ready to drill.  
1326-2 Rotary Table National
12 1/2"
  Large qty of used hammer and tri-cone bits (see picture) Sold as a lot only--  
739-11 Rotary Table Speedstar 18"   18" Speedstar rotary table with new bearings & seals--Good gears
Facing the end of the pinion shaft if you rotate the pinion counter clockwise the table will turn clockwise (to the right))
Mounting bolt hole pattern: 31" side to side and 35" front to back.
  (Call 307-587-5192)
736-12 Rotary Table National/Oilwell 27 1/2"   27 1/2" National Oilwell rotary table. #R30-21A. Completely torn down, checked out and repaired
as needed. (note: unassembled pictures)
1358-1 SUBSTRUCTURE   HYDRAULIC OPERATED SUBSTRUCTURE: 86 high hydraulic lift substructure, winterized cellar, c/w BOP Plumbing (cost over $200,000 to build) $75,000  
1125-14 Substructure 5'   NICE SUB!
5' substructure with ramp.
1351-1 Swivel Howard-Turner 100 ton   Howard-Turner 100 ton x 3" opening swivel--  
1351-3 Tongs Woolley   (2) Woolley Type B breakout tongs  
1346-10 Tophead Drive High Torque NEW FOR TH-60
(2) NEW Alpec Manufacturing Co. high torque (4) motor tophead drives units w/3 1/2IF box x box connections--$10,000 each.
Dimensions: 32" Wide on main body (plus channel brackets)
1253-2 Traveling Block 80 Ton NEW NEW Mud King 80 ton (3) sheave traveling block and hook